NSigns are able to manufacture a massive range of signs to suit every business need, from internal POS and wayfinding to finger posts and estate signage. With over twenty years of experience in delivering impressive signage with clever material selection that can mean the very best signage need not always be the most expensive.

  • Main ID building signs

  • Car park identification signs

  • Window graphic

  • Illuminated and non illuminated

  • Point-of-sale equipment and displays



How small businesses think of signs


Most small businesses ignore the importance of a signage. The most common reasons that prevent them from investing in signage are:

  • “My customers already know where I am.”

  • “I already have a sign. I don’t need a new one.”

  • “Can a sign improve my sales?”

One of the most common mistakes by clients is the money allocation when it comes to building in a new location. He says there is a mentality among small business owners where they allocate X amount of dollars in their budget to an item called “signs”. If the budget overruns during construction the first thing they cut are the signs.

It is almost similar to large corporations where they have a line in their budget called “marketing” and if the business starts to lose money, they cut marketing. Marketing is one of the key components that generate customers in the first place.

Back to our previous point, your sign is the first impression you make to your potential customers. Most of the time, people do judge the quality of your product and service solely based on your sign.

How did you first became aware of the Retail Shop or Restaurant?

Saw it while passing


Always knew it was there


Word of mouth






Don’t know